Minnesota Guitar Society E-Interview

Guitarist (Newsletter of the Minnesota Guitar Society), Volume 28 No. 1, January/February 2012
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Q: How did the Water Songs project come about?
A: I was interested in creating a concert program and recording of Hawaiian music that would be appealing and relevant to Minnesotans. I brainstormed ideas for a project that could weave music, history, and current issues together, but couldn’t seem to find just the right theme. Then one day while driving to St. Paul, I found myself chanting “No ke aha ka wai,” a hula ‘ili‘ili (hula with water-washed pebbles) about fresh water that my late teacher Pohaku Nishimitsu taught me and some of my Rose Ensemble colleagues several years ago. It all suddenly fit together: Hawaii and Minnesota historically and presently share a love and reverence for fresh water—why not begin illustrating that connection by bringing some of Hawaii’s fresh water-themed songs to Minnesota? Continue reading