Looking to the Future

We aim to grow as artists, as an organization, and as a community resource.

Artistic Goals:

1. To highlight connections between human experiences, memory, and worldviews by creating interactive programs that explore common themes in music, poetry, and storytelling.

2. To honor past traditions while exploring present ideas, sounds, and technologies.

3. To collaborate with at least one other organization or artist per year.

Financial goals:

1. To pay performing artists a fair wage for rehearsals, concerts, and educational activities.

2. To fund at least one new project and/or program per fiscal year.

3. To employ diverse efforts to raise funds (earned income, partnerships, sponsorships, donations, grants, etc.).

Organizational goals:

1. To make positive contributions to Minnesota’s artistic and cultural landscape.

2. To serve a variety of communities with engaging and educational programs.

3. To provide participatory programs to audiences with financial and/or mobility challenges.

4. To delegate, streamline, evaluate, and maximize the effectiveness of our marketing and promotional activities.