Local World Music Showcase – City Pages

Local World Music Showcase at The Cedar Cultural Center
Rick Mason, City Pages (January 9, 2013)

This tripleheader is a great chance to chase the bleak Midwestern winter with medicinal doses of sounds rooted in far more tropical realms, yet played by residents of these twin icy burgs, representing the diverse local world-music community. Two of these bands are oriented to the intoxicating, provocative, deep reservoir of music from Brazil. Ticket to Brasil, led by Czech-born, classically trained guitarist Pavel Jany, focuses on breezy, nicely arranged bossa nova, samba, and jazz brasileiro from such icons as Jobim, Baden Powell, and Ary Barroso, with some sympathetic originals mixed in. Multilingual Minnesota native Robert Everest (pictured) is another excellent guitarist who leads the group Beira Mar Brasil and presides over local Brazilian Carnaval blowouts. The Expedition is Everest’s more expansive outfit, stretching out across Latin America, through Cuba to the Mediterranean, Africa, and beyond. Lau Hawaiian Collective, led by Kauai native singer and ukulele player Kim Sueoka, conjures up the alluring, intricate sway of traditional Hawaiian music. Her glistening voice joins the other bands in evoking welcome wafts of warmth amid the harsh land of the wind chill factor. Wed., Jan. 9, 7:30 p.m., 2013